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LeSean McCoy is apparently not super enthused about the Buffalo Bills

LeSean McCoy is now a Buffalo Bill. During the initial shock of the deal, a person speaking for McCoy made the runner sound less than enthusiastic about his new team.

Rich Schultz/Getty Images

In the aftermath of last night's reported trade, wherein the Buffalo Bills acquired running back LeSean McCoy from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for linebacker Kiko Alonso, an anonymous person speaking on behalf of McCoy had the following exchange with ESPN's Josina Anderson, as reported by Anderson:

A source close to LeSean McCoy to me on how the #Eagles RB feels about news of an agreement to trade McCoy to Buffalo:

"He’s a Pennsylvania kid. He’s never played football outside of Pennsylvania - high school, college, pro. So of course he's not happy. Sounds like it’s pretty final to me unless LeSean is refusing to go to Buffalo."

On whether the source believes McCoy will make a trade to Buffalo difficult, in light of McCoy’s initial reaction to the news:

"It'll be interesting to see how this process plays itself out because he's an interesting individual. In your mind, when you think of Buffalo you think of cold and losing games. It’s not like it’s the Philadelphia market where you’re always on TV, and you’re playing for like the division title or that type of thing… It was unexpected. I'll tell you that much."

The source on how McCoy is feeling at the moment:

"Honestly, he's frustrated... It's alright. It's the league. I told him that. I guess he just never experienced that, but he was like 'why me.'"

The source said he thinks McCoy is "not going to make it easy, that's for sure."

The source on whether the trade news was a surprise:

"Honestly we were under the impression the whole time, that eventually at some point, Chip [Kelly] was going to ask LeSean to restructure his contract - not a pay cut, but convert some of his signing bonus."

A few things to note about all of this:

  • This all came out on the night the trade was reported, when emotions for all involved were running rampant;
  • None of this came from McCoy himself;
  • McCoy had very likely not yet communicated with anyone in Buffalo;
  • When he does, he will be speaking with Rex Ryan;
  • There's $10.25 million ($9.75 million of that salary) on the line if he tries to force Buffalo's hand.

There's an awful lot for McCoy to like about his new challenge in Buffalo, should he choose to accept it, and it's easy to imagine that one conversation with Ryan and a reminder about his contract will be all the convincing he'll need to get over the initial shock of the deal. Let the record show, however, that upon first hearing of his coming to Buffalo, McCoy was apparently less than enthusiastic.

Update: Just like that...