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Rex Ryan: "hard to fathom" that Buffalo Bills won't keep three quarterbacks

Amidst speculation that the Bills might move one of their quarterbacks off of the roster once their starting competition is settled, Rex Ryan is telling reporters that he envisions keeping all three options around.

Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills are planning on waiting out a three-man quarterback competition this summer between EJ Manuel, Matt Cassel, and Tyrod Taylor. One will win the starting job, one will be the backup, and lately, there has been speculation that the third may not even make the team.

WKBW's Joe Buscaglia asked Bills head coach Rex Ryan on Tuesday if all three quarterbacks were guaranteed spots on the final roster. Ryan's response may surprise you - especially if you buy into the idea that the Bills may not keep all three of their potential starting quarterbacks this fall.

"I would think - it'd be hard for me to fathom that those three won't be on the roster," Ryan told Buscaglia. "Unless Peyton Manning gets cut, or something like that - I don’t see that happening; maybe Archie Manning will be available - but yeah, I think it’s a safe bet to say those three will be on the roster."

Speculation had ramped up last week that Manuel, specifically, could be moved off of the roster if he doesn't win the starting job. If Ryan is to be believed in late May, that does not sound like it will be the case.