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All four Buffalo Bills D-Line starters crack NFLN Top 100 players list

In case you were still wondering where the Buffalo Bills' bread is buttered, look no further than their highly-paid, highly productive defensive line. All four starters made NFL Network's Top 100 players list this offseason.

Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The entirety of the Buffalo Bills' starting defensive line was represented on this year's iteration of the Top 100 players in the NFL list, produced by NFL Network.

You can watch the short video features for all four Bills defensive linemen at the following links:

Over the past two seasons, the quartet has combined for 81 of the Bills' league-leading 111 team sacks. Mario Williams (27.5 sacks in that time frame) and Dareus (17.5) were voted first team All-Pro following the 2014 season, and Kyle Williams (16) joined his two teammates with back-to-back Pro Bowl bids. While Hughes (20 sacks) has not yet received that type of recognition for his play over the past two seasons, he at least caught up to his teammates on the fiscal compensation end of things, signing a lucrative five-year contract extension earlier this offseason.

When running back LeSean McCoy inevitably (probably) lands on this list, as well, the Bills will be represented by the five players that comprise their likely team identity in 2015: an aspiring dominant defense spearheaded by its defensive line, and a run-first offense led by one of the most productive runners in the league.