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Brandon Spikes released by New England Patriots

A damaged vehicle registered to the former Bills linebacker is linked to a hit-and-run investigation in which three people were injured. The Patriots cut Spikes three weeks after signing him.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

It has definitely been a weird offseason for former Buffalo Bills linebacker Brandon Spikes.

Left on the free agent market by the Bills for over two months - despite reported mutual interest in continuing their professional relationship, which began and ended with the 2014 season - Spikes signed a one-year deal with the New England Patriots back on May 18.

Then, this past weekend, a vehicle registered to Spikes was found, abandoned, with significant front-end damage - and in the vicinity of a hit-and-run in which a vehicle containing three passengers was rear-ended. Naturally, that vehicle registered to Spikes is linked to the investigation.

On Monday morning, the Patriots released Spikes - three weeks to the day after signing him.

That puts Spikes back on the free agent market. Buffalo is clearly not interested at this point, particularly with an investigation ongoing, and the veteran run-stopping middle linebacker may have a high degree of difficulty finding work for the foreseeable future.