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Jim Kelly looking like his old self at annual youth football camp

Jim Kelly is feeling better these days after beating cancer, and is looking much more like his old self at his annual youth football camp this summer.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly lost much of his strength and lot of weight while battling cancer. After taking exhaustion-fueled naps in a trailer during his annual summer passing camp last summer, the Buffalo Bills great was back slinging passes and leading drills as his camp began this week.

"This is what I look forward to every year - even last year, when I wasn't feeling good at all," Kelly told The Buffalo News on Tuesday. He showed he's feeling much better with perfect passes like this one.

"The bottom line is you don't want to let the kids down," Kelly continued. "I was going to be here no matter what. I feel so much better. Last year, I was doing it because I wanted to do it, but really couldn't do it. This year, I want to do it, and I can do it."

"My arm is really sore today, but I feel good," Kelly concluded. "I finally gained some weight, I'm feeling better, and thank the good Lord, I'm still here."