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Buffalo Bills will "wait and see" on Aaron Kromer arrest, investigation

Don't expect the Buffalo Bills to take any action with Aaron Kromer until the ongoing investigation(s) yield more in the way of hard evidence.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Aside from a very brief statement, the Buffalo Bills have been silent on the Aaron Kromer situation since the story broke on Sunday morning. The Bills said then that they would let the legal discovery process play out, and they've been true to their word, not even mentioning it on Monday night's The John Murphy Show.

While many believe that Kromer should be fired sooner rather than later, the team and NFL are taking a wait-and-see approach, according to Tim Graham of The Buffalo News.

This jives with what Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wrote on the subject Monday. Florio notes that in the NFL's new personal conduct policy, an arrest isn't enough to discipline Kromer, but that either an indictment by the district attorney, or a decision by the commissioner in the "more likely than not" language, would be sufficient to place him on paid leave. An NFL spokesperson would only confirm that an NFL investigation began immediately.

The more important issue for the Bills is training camp looming in just over two weeks. They will surely need a contingency plan in place for the possibility of losing Kromer, either from their own decision or the league's. While assistant offensive line coach Kurt Anderson is in place, he only has four years of NFL experience, and just a few months in the Bills' new offensive scheme. The Bills could theoretically add an assistant coach at any point in time, and it might behoove them to find an unemployed coach to come in as soon as possible.