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Buffalo Bills' Steve Tasker won't campaign for Hall of Fame inclusion

The greatest special teams player in NFL history seems content to let his exemplary pro football career speak for itself, and won't be singing his own virtues to join the Hall of Fame.

George Rose/Getty Images

Steve Tasker left it all out of the field when he played, going the extra mile as a special teams ace for the Buffalo Bills in the late 1980s and early 1990s. As he did during his playing days, Tasker wants to leave his Hall of Fame candidacy on the field, too.

"I don't want to mount a campaign to get in the Hall of Fame," Tasker told John Murphy Show guest host Sal Capaccio on Wednesday. "I don't like the way that feels to me. I understand that's probably what it would take. And a lot of guys do that openly. It's not in my nature."

Tasker was never one to seek attention on a Bills squad full of higher-profile players. He is, however, widely regarded as the best non-kicking special teams contributor to ever play the game, and his career includes seven Pro Bowl appearances and a MVP award at that event. As the Hall of Fame has seemingly warmed to specialists - adding punter Ray Guy last fall, and kicker Morten Anderson was a finalist for this year's class - the door might be open for a player like Tasker someday, but he's not letting it affect him.

"I'm good," said Tasker, continuously mentioning the teammates and friends he played with along the way. "I sleep well at night, and I'd be crazy to be bitter about not being in the Hall of Fame after everything this game's given to me and everything it's meant to us, and still does."

"I have a hard time picturing myself in that group when I look at the guys that I played with," Tasker continued. "And, no doubt, I played with and against a ton of those guys. Hall of Famers. And I have a hard time putting myself in that category."