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Matt Cassel shows poorly in ESPN's 2015 quarterback rankings

"NFL insiders" are big meanie jerks when it comes to talking about Buffalo Bills quarterbacks.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills' quarterback situation has been analyzed to death this offseason by national pundits. With excitement brewing on defense, at head coach, and multiple offensive skill positions, most say the quarterback spot will hold the team back in 2015.

ESPN's Mike Sando polled a group of 35 "league insiders" nebulously labeled as "talent evaluators" and coaches, and used their input to tier, and then rank, every (projected) starting quarterback in the NFL.

The results are largely unsurprising. Matt Cassel is projected as the winner of the Bills' quarterback competition, and is one spot ahead of Geno Smith of the New York Jets as the worst starter in the league, according to the voters. The more interesting bits came from some of these insiders when asked to comment.

"Matt Moore is way better, and they made no play for him," one offensive coach said. "Cassel will not even be the starter up there. He is not accurate, has a long motion, a big over-stride, a flat ball, and he just looked like he has regressed."

According to Sando, multiple voters were surprised a team would sign Cassel to be their starter at all. Overall, Cassel earned a 4.25 rating, somewhere between the Tier 4 starters "who might not be expected to last in the lineup all season," and the Tier 5 group, described as "the very worst."

It doesn't sound like EJ Manuel would have done any better in the ranking.

"Manuel has no instincts after the ball is snapped," a personnel director said. "He's a great kid, has some talent. But he could not decipher or make quick decisions in college, and I do not see him doing it now."

Tyrod Taylor wasn't even a blip on the radar.