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Buffalo Bills, New York Jets among NFL's healthiest teams in 2013-14

If the Bills are going to end their 15-year playoff drought in 2015, they're going to need this trend to continue.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills were one of the healthiest teams in the NFL under former head coach Doug Marrone, according to a recent study of games lost. As this Reddit graphic shows, the Bills were fourth in the league in terms of games lost to injury over the past two seasons helmed by Marrone.

Games lost

In 2014, Buffalo's only major injury happened during the offseason, when Kiko Alonso tore an ACL while working out in Oregon. C.J. Spiller was placed on short-term injured reserve with a broken collarbone, and injuries to key players Kyle Williams and Fred Jackson saw them return ahead of schedule. A year prior, Kevin Kolb's career-ending concussion during the preseason was the major injury.

Strength and conditioning coach Eric Ciano has been with the Bills since the Chan Gailey era, and was retained when the Bills hired a new coach this offseason. One thing you should also notice above is the team in second place. Rex Ryan's New York Jets were two spots ahead of Buffalo; Ryan brought some of his training staff over from New York to join Ciano, as well.