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Buffalo Bills quarterback ranks dead last in pre-2015 ranking of starters

Andy Benoit of The MMQB thinks the Bills will have the NFL's worst starting quarterback in 2015. Are Bills fans thinking along the same lines?

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills rank dead last in the NFL at the starting quarterback position, writes Andy Benoit at The MMQB.

In a ranking of all 32 starting quarterbacks, the writer says it doesn't matter which of Bills' the three candidates win the job (he gives it to Matt Cassel); any of them would pull this ranking.

"Put EJ Manuel or Tyrod Taylor here if you want. Whatever - you get the idea," writes Benoit in his one-sentence rationale.

Other notables on the list are Bills offseason free agency target Josh McCown (29), New York Jets starter Geno Smith (27), Miami Dolphins franchise quarterback Ryan Tannehill (15), and future New England Patriots Hall of Fame member Tom Brady (1).

Two of the quarterbacks haven't taken a snap for the Bills, and only Cassel has more than a season's worth of work under center at the pro level. The ranking, then, probably shouldn't be too surprising - but are fans actually expecting the Bills to end up with the worst starting quarterback in the NFL in 2015?