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Buffalo Bills spend big bucks to lose a lot of games

Would it surprise you to know that the Bills rank poorly this millennium in a stat measuring dollars spent per adjusted victory?

Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The Buffalo Bills haven't earned a lot of bang for their buck since 2000, reports the calculator brigade over at In their analysis of American pro sports wins and payroll, the Bills placed in the bottom four NFL teams and 86th out of 92 total pro franchises (embedded below) in payroll efficiency.

Looking specifically at the NFL rankings, the New England Patriots outpaced the Bills by almost a 3-to-1 margin in dollars spent per adjusted victory (chart below). The formula for adjusted win totals gives each team a season's worth of victories for a championship, giving the Patriots a huge boost for games they "didn't play."

Cost per win

It's interesting to note how the numbers fall of a cliff after the Bills, with big jumps to the next team, the Oakland Raiders, and an even bigger jump to the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions.

The timeline of this study directly coincides with the franchise-worst 15-year playoff drought for the Bills, which has featured a lot of low single-season win totals. It's amazing to note how much the Bills have spent without dropping a ton of money on a franchise quarterback in this time frame, as well.