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Bills cap season ticket sales, establish 2016 wait list

After surpassing 60,000 season tickets sold, the Buffalo Bills won't be selling any more in 2015 - and they've established a wait list for season tickets for the first time in franchise history.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills set their all-time season ticket sales record last month, and earlier this week, the team announced that they have officially capped season ticket sales for the first time in franchise history, as well. If you were to call the season ticket office today, you would be placed on a waiting list for the 2016 season.

"Bills Season Ticket Members are the most loyal, faithful and passionate fans in the National Football League," said Bills President Russ Brandon in a statement. "We want to take this opportunity to celebrate this record-setting achievement and honor our Season Ticket Members publicly with the 60K club website and graphic. The organization and all Bills fans are excited for a great 2015 season."

The graphic in question features every season ticket holder's name, and will be placed in the tunnel the players walk through to get to the field.

Despite coming off 15 straight season without a playoff appearance, expectations are at a fever pitch for the 2015 Bills thanks to several key additions. As of June, only one game even has single game seats available - the season finale against the New York Jets on January 3, 2016. If you want to attend a game and don't have tickets yet, the secondary market will be your only way in.