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Marcell Dareus contract update: Bills want deal done this week, per report

Now with a significantly higher amount of 2015 cap room to work with, can the Bills and Marcell Dareus hammer out a long-term contract extension within a week?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Marcell Dareus is suspended for the season opener, but if things go the way that the Buffalo Bills want them to, he'll also be preparing to sign a massively lucrative contract extension by that point in time, as well.

That according to Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News, who says that Saturday's release of quarterback Matt Cassel - which saves the Bills over $4 million against the 2015 salary cap - could free up enough money to get Dareus under contract, and that they'd like to do so by the time September 13 rolls around.

It was just a little over two weeks ago that Dareus was telling reporters that he didn't think the Bills wanted him around, given their latest contract offer at the time. (Carucci reported then that the Bills had offered him a deal worth more than $90 million over six years.) Now, with more cap room at their disposal, the Bills seem ready to at least add to that offer this coming week - and if they do enough, they may earn back a little goodwill from fans before their home opener a week from tomorrow.