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Anonymous Buffalo Bills player trashes Mario Williams

As Mario Williams (reportedly) prepares to play his last game for the Bills on Sunday, one of his teammates - under the cloak of anonymity - is ripping Williams to shreds publicly.

Soon-to-be ex-Buffalo Bills defensive end Mario Williams still has his supporters at One Bills Drive, but one anonymous teammate of his is clearly not happy about what No. 94 has put forth on the field this season. The anonymous player didn't hold back at all when discussing Williams for a piece published Thursday by Ty Dunne at The Buffalo News.

The first quote, which speaks for itself:

"It's been clear to me that Mario doesn't care about anybody but himself," the teammate said. "He followed that up by not giving any effort during the season and complaining about the scheme instead of manning up and saying he played like crap and doesn’t care."

Has Williams checked out? "Totally checked out."

The second quote, which deals with Williams' large contract:

"Those guys have to be your team leaders and bell cows," the player said. "To not give a crap like that shows why teams need to think twice before investing that much in one guy. We could easily have five solid players contributing than one guy who doesn't give a (expletive)."

The third quote, which deals with Williams' effort and lack of accountability:

"Zero effort," the player said after one recent game. "The tape speaks for itself. … He takes two steps and stops."

The player added that others feel the same way and grew "beyond furious." Still, he couldn’t recall anybody voicing concerns to Williams because nobody believed it'd do any good. He described it as a lost cause, adding that longtime Bill Kyle Williams is the only player who could've spoken up to Mario Williams.

Again, Williams still has his supporters - you can read positive quotes about his 2015 season from the likes of Preston Brown, Leodis McKelvin, defensive line coach Karl Dunbar, and others in the original article - but clearly, Williams has mixed reviews from the organization this season. It's still quite rare for NFL players to talk like this, even anonymously, which makes these quotes rather remarkable. What a way for Williams' otherwise excellent four-year stretch as a Bill to come to a close.