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Buffalo Bills set multiple franchise turnover records in 2015

The 8-8 Bills had a lot go wrong for them in 2015, but here's one thing they did well: they protected the football better than any other Bills team ever had.

The 2015 regular season was a rare one offensively for the Buffalo Bills, and not just because they had quality quarterback play and produced yardage at a better clip than any Bills offense had since the early 1990s: they also set at least three distinct franchise records for turnovers.

In 16 games played, the Bills, as a team, turned the football over just 19 times. That's the lowest number of turnovers in a season that any Bills team has ever produced. Of those 19 turnovers, a mere eight came after the Bills' Week 8 bye, spread out over the final nine games of the season.

The Bills also played six complete games without turning the football over at all, a new record for number of such contests in a season for Buffalo. The team managed to go 5-1 in those games, with their only zero-turnover loss coming in Week 15 at the hands of Washington. (They beat Indianapolis, Miami twice, the New York Jets, and Houston in the other contests.)

Between the two quarterbacks that attempted passes for the Bills this season, Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel, Buffalo's quarterbacks threw just nine interceptions, which is also a new franchise record for a single season. Taylor was one of the league's least-turnover prone quarterbacks in 2015, throwing just six interceptions in his 14 starts (plus, he only lost one fumble), while Manuel tossed three interceptions in his two starts while Taylor was injured.

After years of watching the Bills cough the football up at an almost unrelenting rate, 2015 was most definitely a nice change of pace on that front.