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Catching up on the LeSean McCoy night club investigation

Where does the LeSean McCoy investigation stand three weeks removed from the incident he was allegedly involved in? Little progress has been made, at least from a public perspective, in recent days.

It's been a few days since any minor developments emerged in the ongoing LeSean McCoy investigation (and even longer since any major developments have sprung forth), and a nice, leisurely Sunday morning at the close of February seems as good a time as any to catch back up on this ongoing situation.

McCoy, of course, was allegedly involved in a February 7 night club fight in Philadelphia that ended with two off-duty police officers hospitalized with injuries of varying severity. It's been three weeks since the incident occurred, and in that time frame, Philadelphia Police finished their investigation and handed it over to the District Attorney's office, which prompted posturing on both sides as the DA review dragged on. McCoy, meanwhile, has lawyered up twice, and awaits the resolution of the DA review to find out whether or not he'll be charged. He met with the DA last week in a breathlessly-tracked event that yielded no news.

You can read all about that in our comprehensive StoryStream on the matter. Here are a couple of small things from last week that you have missed:

Report: Bills prepping to play without McCoy

That according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

Speaking from the 2016 NFL Combine in Indianapolis the day after that report aired, Bills head coach Rex Ryan laughed it off, suggesting it was either false or overblown.

It would probably behoove the Bills to plan on a McCoy suspension - it's always best to have contingency plans in place - but it'd be difficult to do so without giving off the vibe that they doubt McCoy's innocence, which is probably why this series of events unfolded the way it did.

McCoy not expecting to be charged?

Vic Carucci of The Buffalo News passed along word that a person close to McCoy doesn't expect him to be charged, but that a member of his group could be.

The Philadelphia DA's office quickly shrugged this one off, as well.

It sounds a bit like Carucci may have passed along a bit of wishful thinking on the behalf of a member of Team McCoy, as the DA's office has not been saying much about their ongoing review of the investigation.