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Buffalo Bills 2016 regular season schedule to be released tonight

We don't know the "when" yet, but we have known who and the where of the Bills' schedule for months

The NFL will release its 2016 regular season schedule tonight with a brutal, multiple-hour reveal special on NFL Network. If you're into that sort of thing, let us know how it goes.

My plan here, at everyone's favorite Buffalo Bills site, is to run a quick post with the full schedule later tonight, and then channel my inner Buddy Nix and probably go to bed, where I'll then think about the Week 1 matchup for a solid 45 seconds before drifting off. If I'm having trouble falling asleep, perhaps I'll spend some time mulling which away game would be the most fun to travel to; pity they're not heading to Kansas City this year. (Yes, I typically travel to places for their food offerings.)

We do know all 16 of the Bills' opponents next season, and have known them for a long time. All we're learning tonight is the "when" part of the equation.

Here, one more time, are the Bills' opponents for the 2016 regular season. We'll see you later tonight, when the official schedule is released.

Home opponents

Road opponents