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Rex Ryan, Buffalo Bills simplifying calls on defense, per Preston Brown

This continues a theme that developed late in the 2015 regular season

Buffalo Bills defenders were telling reporters at the end of the 2015 regular season that the team's coaching staff had simplified calls for them in the final two games of the year - both home wins, in which the Bills yielded a total of 27 points in eight quarters.

That process is apparently continuing now that 2016 offseason work has begun, according to the man that may end up with play-calling responsibilities in the defense, middle linebacker Preston Brown.

"With Rex, we've already installed, like, 50 plays - a whole bunch of simpler plays, though," Brown said on The John Murphy Show on Tuesday evening. "Our checks are limited. There's not as many as there were. They're kind of the same kind of checks, so it's not as wide as it was last year coming in."

As was the case when players were talking about it in January, Brown reports that he and his teammates are excited by the simplified approach heading into the 2016 season.

"Guys are happy hearing that we don't have as many situations and checks on plays," Brown continued, "so guys are excited that we're starting to compromise going into the season, just trying to make it simple and as fast as possible."

Brown, the third-year pro who has been a starter for the last two seasons, lost his play-calling duties to Manny Lawson late in the 2015 regular season, but told Murphy that he'd like to win that responsibility back this year.