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Shaq Lawson to Buffalo Bills keeps two NFL Draft streaks alive

The Bills love ACC prospects and picking pre-draft visitors, and Shaq Lawson is both of those things

The Buffalo Bills kept two streaks alive when they picked Clemson defensive end Shaq Lawson in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft last night.

Buffalo is no longer in the business of disclosing their list of pre-draft visitors before the event, but there's nothing stopping players from confirming it after the fact. Lawson did so last night, saying that his trip to One Bills Drive this spring was his best pre-draft visit of the year.

This makes Lawson at least the sixth consecutive Bills first-round pick to have made a pre-draft visit to Buffalo, dating back to, at minimum, the 2010 season.

Lawson's selection also continues a trend that has hit critical mass in the two-plus drafts the Bills have run with Doug Whaley calling the shots: their reliance on the ACC. Coming into last night's first round, nine of the 13 draft picks made on Whaley's watch came from ACC programs. The addition of Lawson brings that running tally up to 10 out of 14.