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Marquise Goodwin would choose the long jump over the Buffalo Bills

Marquise Goodwin finally admits he is a track guy playing football.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Marquise Goodwin might play for the Buffalo Bills to get a paycheck and have the NFL shield tattooed on his leg, but that doesn't mean he prefers the game of football over track and field events.

"I would definitely do track and field, man," Goodwin told The MMQB, via "Football was my opportunity to advance my life... kind of get a head start on life and put my family in a position to where they wouldn't want for as much. I felt like track and field wouldn't grant me that opportunity, being that I had a greater chance at making the amount of money that I do playing football, as opposed to going to track and field, and I would make it a lot sooner. Not saying I wouldn't make it in track and field, but, I would make it pretty much at a guaranteed rate in football."

He's right that track and field doesn't pay that well. The U.S. Olympic Committee pays out bonuses only if you medal in an event. Goodwin is much better at the long jump than he is at football, too. He's had the longest two jumps of the year in the entire world, and he's not exactly setting the NFL on fire.

One more thing that Goodwin said in the interview was that Bills fans are more negative than track fans but understands why.

"Nothing against my Bills fans. We serve beer, we're going to have some fun," said Goodwin.