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Film breakdowns, game analysis and more from Buffalo Rumblings on the Buffalo Bills.

Bills’ pass defense disappears against Bengals

Buffalo’s playoff defense couldn’t dig itself out of the snow

Skarey Movies presents: Cincinnati’s game-winning drive

The Skarey-est movie of the year, and it ain’t even close

Analysis: How the Bengals ran wild over the Bills

Just as we all predicted would happen

Bengals opponent preview: Finding balance on offense

We know Joe Burrow is good, but is the offense balanced?

Bills-Dolphins: NGS on the power of Allen to Diggs

The deep ball was an oft-used weapon last Sunday

Gabe Davis shows up big for Bills in wild card win over Dolphins

"Playoff Gabe" polishes his game in time to shine in the postseason

Skarey Movies presents: Ugly Win or Pretty Loss?

I think we all know which we prefer, but let’s dig a bit deeper

One-Stat Recap: Josh Allen goes big-play hunting

And he bagged enough to get the win

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Bengals 27, Bills 10: All of our coverage

Winner advances to the conference title game

Bills-Dolphins All-22 analysis, NFL playoffs edition: Bombs away, Josh Allen!

Did it seem like there were a lot of deep shots?

Bills-Dolphins playoff game penalty recap: Ain’t that wild

Death by a thousand boo-boos

Opponent Preview: Who is QB Skylar Thompson?

What should the Bills expect from the seventh-round rookie?

Opponent Preview: Dolphins should copy 2018 Bills game plan

What I would do if I were the Dolphins against Buffalo

Bruce’s QB STEW: the final 2022 results are in

Where does Josh Allen rank?

Bills’ halftime defensive adjustments keyed victory against Patriots

Buffalo’s secondary switched up the game plan in the second half, leading to three interceptions

Bills-Patriots Next Gen Stats focus on Josh Allen’s excellence

Playoff Josh Allen is coming...

Bills find continued success in run game against Patriots

Buffalo had a productive and efficient day running the ball in Week 18

All-22 analysis: Bills LB Tremaine Edmunds vs. Patriots

A key cog in the defensive machine gets a closer look

Josh Allen, Stefon Diggs rekindle their spark against Patriots

Allen and Diggs get back on track just in time for playoffs

Josh Allen, long touchdowns, and the Pythagorean Theorem

Yes, Bills Mafia, there’s some math in this Skarey Movie. Shocked?

Bills pressured Patriots into trio of costly interceptions

Turnovers keyed win for Buffalo in Week 18

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Bills 34, Dolphins 31: All of our coverage

Miami and Buffalo played two nail-biters in the regular season, splitting the series

Bills-Patriots win probability metrics: A game of destiny in Buffalo

Defense needs faster and better adjustments

Penalty recap: Patriots at Bills a quiet day for laundry

What a weird penalty game

Bills Week 18 opponent preview: Trauma

The surprising ways re-exposure to trauma might appear for the Bills, Bengals, the NFL, and its fans

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Bills 35, Patriots 23: All of our coverage

Buffalo returns to the gridiron after a long, arduous week looking to finish 13-3 and in possession of at least the No. 2 seed in the AFC

Bills Week 17 opponent preview: Bengals defense

An overview of Cincinnati’s stop unit against Mr. Jones

Skarey Movies presents: Bills’ turnovers vs. Bears

We also take a look at angles and do some math

Do the Bills have a special teams problem?

Buffalo will look to improve their special teams play as the postseason approaches

Bills-Bears Next Gen Stats highlight Buffalo’s dominant rushing attack

Devin Singletary and James Cook were quite the one-two punch in Chicago

Where in the world is Stefon Diggs?

Did he run off with the Louvre or something during the game? Our All-22 analysis investigates

Singletary, Cook carry Bills to victory in Chicago

Buffalo posts its best rushing game in several seasons to help secure a victory in Chicago

Bills 35, Bears 13: Penalties heavily skewed against Buffalo in win

Exponentially lopsided

This stream has:

All of our Bills-Bengals coverage in one place

The Bills seek their seventh straight win and to keep hold of the top playoff seed with a win in Cincinnati on Monday night

Bills-Bears snap counts: Dane Jackson, Kaiir Elam continue CB2 split

James Cook has officially carved out his role

Bills 35, Bears 13: A game never once in doubt

A lackluster first half leads to a second-half scoring frenzy