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Film breakdowns, game analysis and more from Buffalo Rumblings on the Buffalo Bills.

All-22 Analysis: Bills’ defensive efforts vs. Eagles’ late scoring drives

The tying FG drive and OT game-winner go under the microscope

Penalty Recap: Bills at Eagles has me invoking the name “Hugo Cruz”

Trust me, that’s a meaningful name to remember

Bills vs. Eagles Week 12 snap counts: The offense is back but... the defense?

95 offensive snaps, 505 total yards and a loss

Skarey Movies: Spirited (Take)Away, starring Rasul Douglas

It’s thankful season

Buffalo Bills film analysis, Week 11: Leonard Floyd’s productive day vs. New York Jets

Floyd’s performance in Bills’ win over Jets played a key role in dominant defensive effort

Buffalo Bills Analysis, Week 11: Joe Brady’s first game as OC

Breaking down how Joe Brady injected some life into Bills’ offense

All-22 Analysis: Each Buffalo Bills sack vs. New York Jets in Week 11

It’s a time to be thankful... for pressuring opposing QBs

Penalty Recap: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills, Week 11

Nothing crazy on the night to damper an exciting win

NFL seemingly validates fan opinion on Josh Allen intentional grounding call in Bills vs. Bengals

Kenny Pickett wasn’t flagged for a pass that looked very similar to one by Josh Allen in Week 9

Bills vs. Jets Week 11 snap counts: The Rasul Douglas show, again!

Interim OC Joe Brady’s first game brought life into the Bills’ offense

Bills Mathia: Too Many Men on the Field

A hybrid analysis and math discussion

What can we expect from Buffalo Bills interim OC Joe Brady?

Is this the spark the offense so desperately needs?

The ouster of Buffalo Bills OC Ken Dorsey: Opinion and analysis

A deviation on my usual weekly All-22 review

Penalty Recap: Stats fall short explaining Bills vs. Broncos in Week 10

Not even Penalty Harm gets this game right

Bills vs. Broncos Week 10 snap counts: Rasul Douglas’ immediate impact

The return of Terrel Bernard, the mistreatment of James Cook, and more

Opinion: Bills’ offense efficient recently moving the ball, not scoring points

Feels like one matters more than the other

Bills vs. Broncos: What to look for in Week 10

Buffalo looks to find their identity during Monday Night Football

Post week 9 QB STEW: Where does Bills’ Josh Allen rank in advanced metrics?

Spoiler: still good

The offensive enigma of the 2023 Buffalo Bills

Stats are good... the results not so much

Skarey Movies: Enter The Wagon, starring Linval Joseph

The debut was better than expected

One-Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills played uphill against the Cincinnati Bengals

Complementary football

All-22 Analysis: The open case of Buffalo Bills WR Gabe Davis, featuring Cincinnati’s Bengals

Zero catches? What’s the deal?

Penalty Recap: What was I watching as the Bills lost to the Bengals?

Even the known ref apologist (me) was pissed all game

Bills vs. Bengals Week 9 snap counts: The Dalton Kincaid show continues

Death, taxes and Tyrel Dodson making bad plays

Have the Buffalo Bills entered a must-win game in Week 9?

Two heavyweight teams meet in a critical AFC Battle

Bills at Bengals: What to look for / opponent preview

A host of factors could decide Week 9’s Bills-Bengals showdown

A trio of reminders about the greatness of Bills QB Josh Allen

A tale of three touchdowns, that is

All-22 Analysis: Buffalo Bills DT Linval Joseph

The Bills add a veteran DT via free agency

Bills vs. Buccaneers film review: WR Khalil Shakir’s career day

Shakir emerges as a slot option with the Bills playing more 11 personnel

All-22 Analysis: Buffalo Bills CB Rasul Douglas

All-22 analysis: Buffalo Bills’ third-down defense vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Spoiler: This was a positive

Bills vs. Buccaneers penalty recap: Another heavy laundry day

And not all of the officiating was all that great

Bills vs. Bucs Week 8 snap counts: The emergence of new offensive weapons

Sign me up for more of Dalton Kincaid and Khalil Shakir

Bills vs Buccaneers: What to look for in Week 8

A short week looms for the struggling Bills

Buffalo Bills opponent analysis: Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Baker Mayfield

How is Mayfield doing in his newest home?

All-22 analysis: Buffalo Bills TE Dalton Kincaid

There’s always a speck of light isn’t there?