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Discussing EJ Manuel and the Buffalo Bills' offensive struggles

The Buffalo Bills have struggled on offense but who is to blame? Matt Warren and Jon Ramsey give you their take.

EJ Manuel and the Buffalo Bills offense really struggled on Sunday against the San Diego Chargers. The quarterbacking got so bad that reporters even asked head coach Doug Marrone if he considered switching to Kyle Orton. (He responded, "Oh my God, absolutely not.")

Are the offensive struggles really all on Manuel's shoulders? Why can't the run game get going? What is going on with the offensive line play? Jon Ramsey and I sat down on Tuesday night to try and hash it out as part of Buffalo Rumblings Live. We came away unconvinced that Manuel is the reason behind the offensive struggles, though he certainly plays a part in them. Where are the other deficiencies and how can they be corrected.

Watch the video above and share your thoughts in the comments section. Who needs to be better on the offensive side of the ball? The answer isn't just a single player.