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Film breakdowns, game analysis and more from Buffalo Rumblings on the Buffalo Bills.

Bills vs. Chargers film analysis: A trifecta of TDs for Josh Allen & Buffalo’s offense

A trio of tuddies meant the difference on a night featuring three offensive turnovers

Bills vs. Chargers All-22 analysis: DT Ed Oliver the game wrecker

Ed Oliver took his show to the west coast to rave reviews

All-22 Analysis: Gabe Davis returns to Buffalo Bills’ stat sheet

A sigh of relief

Bills vs. Chargers penalty recap: Flags a hindrance in Buffalo’s victory over LA

Average count but high Harm

One-Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills squeak by the Los Angeles Chargers

It was very nearly a coal-filled Christmas for the Bills

Bills Mathia: Defensive Adjustments in the Sean McDermott Era

If you think they’ve been terrible, get ready to yell at me in the comments

Bills vs. Chargers, All-22 Analysis: A preview of edge rusher Khalil Mack

The Chargers’ biggest weapon on defense remains a fearsome entity

Bills vs. Cowboys film analysis: The domination of Buffalo’s offensive line

Ground and pound was never so much fun!

Bills vs. Cowboys, All-22 Analysis: A glimpse at Buffalo’s pass coverage vs. Dallas

What went right for the Bills on defense? Many things!

Bills vs. Cowboys, All-22 analysis: How Buffalo neutralized Micah Parsons

A look back at a surprisingly overmatched and often ignored Micah Parsons’ quiet night

One-Stat Recap: Buffalo Bills bully the Dallas Cowboys

The Shnow Plow was in action on Sunday

Penalty Recap: Buffalo Bills mostly flag-free against the Dallas Cowboys

Does Craig Wrolstad like the Bills?

Bills vs. Cowboys Week 15 snap counts: Let James Cook!

Resting starters late in the fourth quarter... in this economy?!

Buffalo Bills opponent preview: Dallas Cowboys edge rusher Micah Parsons

He’s pretty good... if, by that, you mean elite

Bills vs. Chiefs All-22 analysis: A look at Buffalo’s defensive stops

A more fun spin on my usual "drive enders" analysis

Buffalo Bills analysis, Week 14: James Cook’s dynamic day at Arrowhead

Cook is putting his explosiveness on display at just the right time

Skarey Movies: (Kadarius) Toney Express

I’m covering the penalty from a different perspective, so come on in

Bills vs. Chiefs Penalty Recap: A lopsided performance involving flags

Offensive offside is rare but fairly hard to fudge for the conspiracy theorists

Bills vs. Chiefs Week 14 snap counts: The return of Dawson Knox

Post NFL Week 13 QB STEW: QB MVP candidates emerge

It’s a shame wins matter to MVP voters

Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs: H2H analysis of strengths and weaknesses

It’s an unusual time for our Buffalo Bills, so let’s make the analysis unusual too

Penalty Recap: A look at the Buffalo Bills through 12 games

Sure it hasn’t been perfect. But has it been unusual?

Josh Allen’s MVP-level season overshadowed by Buffalo Bills’ subpar record

Allen’s numbers are fantastic, but the Bills are only a .500 team right now

Bills vs. Eagles analysis: Drive extenders

Extending drives on third and fourth down helped fuel Buffalo’s offense

All-22 Analysis: Bills’ defensive efforts vs. Eagles’ late scoring drives

The tying FG drive and OT game-winner go under the microscope

Penalty Recap: Bills at Eagles has me invoking the name “Hugo Cruz”

Trust me, that’s a meaningful name to remember

Bills vs. Eagles Week 12 snap counts: The offense is back but... the defense?

95 offensive snaps, 505 total yards and a loss

Skarey Movies: Spirited (Take)Away, starring Rasul Douglas

It’s thankful season

Buffalo Bills film analysis, Week 11: Leonard Floyd’s productive day vs. New York Jets

Floyd’s performance in Bills’ win over Jets played a key role in dominant defensive effort

Buffalo Bills Analysis, Week 11: Joe Brady’s first game as OC

Breaking down how Joe Brady injected some life into Bills’ offense

All-22 Analysis: Each Buffalo Bills sack vs. New York Jets in Week 11

It’s a time to be thankful... for pressuring opposing QBs

Penalty Recap: New York Jets at Buffalo Bills, Week 11

Nothing crazy on the night to damper an exciting win

NFL seemingly validates fan opinion on Josh Allen intentional grounding call in Bills vs. Bengals

Kenny Pickett wasn’t flagged for a pass that looked very similar to one by Josh Allen in Week 9

Bills vs. Jets Week 11 snap counts: The Rasul Douglas show, again!

Interim OC Joe Brady’s first game brought life into the Bills’ offense

Bills Mathia: Too Many Men on the Field

A hybrid analysis and math discussion

What can we expect from Buffalo Bills interim OC Joe Brady?

Is this the spark the offense so desperately needs?