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Is it time for the Buffalo Bills to re-sign Jerry Hughes?

With 14 sacks and counting in his young Bills career, has Jerry Hughes earned a long-term contract extension with Buffalo?

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo Bills pass rusher Jerry Hughes was a breakout star for his new team in 2013, registering 10 sacks in a part-time role, and has emerged as the team's best edge rusher as a full-time starter six games into the 2014 season.

Hughes is also playing in the final year of his rookie contract, signed as a member of the Indianapolis Colts in the summer of 2010. Is it time for the Bills to begin trying to re-sign Hughes?

On the pro side of the argument, Hughes is a 26-year-old pass rusher that has accumulated 14 sacks in less than a year and a half with the club. Of late, he has been outstanding, recording two sacks in a 17-14 road win over Detroit, then another in Sunday's 37-22 loss to New England, coming a hair short of potentially forcing a game-changing Tom Brady fumble on another play. His four sacks rank third on the team at the moment.

Then again, the Bills already have huge money tied up in fellow starting end Mario Williams (4.5 sacks this season), are in the midst of a big deal for Kyle Williams, and will have to tie up Marcell Dareus with a long-term contract after next season, as well. There may not be enough money to go around, particularly since the going rate for up-and-coming pass rushers seems to be between $8-9 million per year, with $4-5 million guaranteed per season, based on contracts signed last spring by Michael Johnson, Everson Griffen, and Michael Bennett.

What do you think, Bills fans? Should Buffalo be trying to re-sign Hughes? Or do they have bigger fish to fry?