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NFL Week 11: Sunday football open thread

The Buffalo Bills aren't playing today, and their fans are enjoying a low-stakes Sunday with a handful of matchups between winning teams. (Or, alternately, they're taking the day off from football.) Talk about it here.

Evan Habeeb

Really, no one would blame you if you wanted a palette-cleansing Sunday free of watching pro football after the Buffalo Bills' horrid showing on Thursday Night Football in Miami. But then, you're here because you're a football junkie, which means you're probably going to be watching football this afternoon. This is the open thread for you to do it in.

Unfortunately, today's Week 11 slate lacks a significant number of compelling matchups. In fact, there are only four matchups that feature two teams with winning records: Seattle (6-3) at Kansas City (6-3), Detroit (7-2) at Arizona (8-1), Philadelphia (7-2) at Green Bay (6-3), and then New England (7-2) at Indianapolis (6-3) on Sunday Night Football. Chiefs/Seahawks kicks off at 1:00, while the Cardinals/Lions and Packers/Eagles matchups are late-afternoon starts.

We won't bore you with a rooting interests piece for the Bills' playoff chances this week, because y'all have had your fill of snark-filled comments sections to last a lifetime. Instead, enjoy your Sunday off from football, or your quartet of compelling matchups - whichever you choose.