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2014 NFL Week 12 open thread: Buffalo Bills postponement edition

With no Bills football for a second straight Sunday, kick back, relax, and talk about today's games right here in this open thread.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to an epic, three-day blizzard that struck the Western New York region earlier this week, the Buffalo Bills don't play their scheduled Week 12 matchup with the New York Jets until tomorrow evening - in Detroit. But we shouldn't let that stop us from watching and talking about football on this lovely, soggy Sunday, should we?

The 5-5 Bills remain in the hunt in the AFC playoff picture, and if you're still into that sort of thing, here's Matt's take on who you should be rooting for today.

This is your open thread to discuss today's games. We'll be back in action early tomorrow morning to prepare you for the Bills' big game against the Jets. Enjoy your Sunday, friends.