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Poll: should Buffalo Bills trade for Jay Cutler this offseason?

The Bears have benched Jay Cutler. Want him?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears benched Jay Cutler today for Jimmy Clausen. (You can read SB Nation's coverage of that here.) Here in the Buffalo Bills region of the internet, it's time to talk about 2015 and upgrading the Bills' QB situation. Read the arguments for and against the trade, and vote in our poll.

Trade for Cutler

Cutler is better than Kyle Orton and EJ Manuel. In his 118 career games, he has 183 touchdowns and 130 interceptions and has led his Bears team to the NFC Championship game.

Don't trade for Cutler

He is due $15.5 million in salary in 2015 and that number only goes up in subsequent years. (The Bills are currently estimated to have $16.7 million in space before dealing with Mike Williams, Kyle Orton, and some other veterans.) He will be on his third team in 10 seasons and has developed reputations for being soft and a problem in the locker room.

Wait for him to be released

If the big salary is scaring you off, you could wait for him to be released and make a run at him at your dollar figure but the Bears will owe him $19.5 million JUST TO RELEASE HIM. How a general manager can justify that pay-off to an owner is beyond my tap dancing skills.

Where do you stand, Bills fans? Do you want to trade a late round pick for a $15.5 million quarterback with baggage?