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2014 NFL Week 14 early games open thread

The Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos don't kick off until 4:05 p.m. ET today, so we're talking about some critically important early games here in this thread. Join us!

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Today is a big day for the 7-5 Buffalo Bills, who need a shock-the-world road win over Peyton Manning and the 9-3 Denver Broncos to keep their faint playoff hopes alive. It's the biggest game that the Bills have played in several years - and because the game is taking place in Colorado, we're going to have to wait a tick to watch it.

Until Bills-Broncos kicks off at 4:05 p.m. ET, then, this is an open thread for you to talk about the early games kicking off at 1:00. Earlier this week, MRW ran through your rooting interests for this week as they pertain to the Bills' playoff chances. Read that full post for specifics, but the TL;DR version of who you're rooting for early is below:

Our Bills-Broncos coverage will ramp up a bit later on this afternoon, starting with the announcement of inactives in the 2:30 vicinity. Until then, enjoy your early games!