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Poll: Buffalo Bills' biggest 2016 offseason need among QB, DE, LB, and CB

The Buffalo Bills head into the 2016 offseason with plenty of needs, but: which among the four positions we've already covered in our State of the Bills Roster series do you consider their most pressing area of concern?

Our twice-annual series breaking down the Buffalo Bills roster, which we un-creatively call State of the Bills Roster, is through four installments so far this offseason.

To the extent that is possible, we try to run through these positions by positional value, meaning that we run through the list of franchise tag valuations, as those are the easiest indication available of how the league in general prioritizes positions. That means that our four installments have covered:

  1. Quarterback (published 1/18/16)
  2. Edge Rusher (published 1/19/16)
  3. Linebacker (published 1/21/16)
  4. Cornerback (published 1/23/16)

As the comments sections on each of those posts came to life after the opinion pieces were published, one thing quickly became clear: a large number of people consider each of those four positions areas of significant need for the Bills heading into the 2016 offseason. There were, of course, variations in how urgently those need arguments were made, but it made us think: out of just those four positions, which do readers of Buffalo Rumblings consider the most urgent?

Note that we're not asking you to name one of those four positions the Bills' biggest offseason need, because that very well may not be the case. We're simply asking you to pick the position that is the biggest need among those four. A legitimate argument can be made - well, if not for all of them, then at least for three. Which would you pick?