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Doug Whaley approval poll, March 2016: how is the Bills GM doing?

March through May is the time for NFL general managers to shine. Here's a poll and a discussion-starter to gauge the fan base's thoughts on one question: how do you think Bills GM Doug Whaley is doing in his post?

We're all Buffalo Bills fans here, so we're a bit biased, but: objectively speaking, the Buffalo Bills are an interesting NFL team to talk about. They've hovered at or near .500 for two straight years, weathering a coaching change in the process, and have quite a few good, young players on their team. Their head coach (and his on-staff twin brother) are brash, entertaining personalities, as are several of those aforementioned players. Yet they have not been able to traverse the proverbial hump and emerge as a serious AFC playoff contender, and this spring will prove to be a highly interesting one as the Bills try to improve while also navigating one of the tightest salary cap situations in the league. Buffalo has the feel of a football team on the verge of either exploding or imploding.

The man behind it all is general manager Doug Whaley, who was instrumental in acquiring most of the players on hand (and okayed their respective contracts), who hired head coach Rex Ryan and assembled the Bills' current front office, and who seems to draw equal amounts of praise and criticism from a fan base that hasn't watched their team play in the postseason for 16 years and counting.

In recent weeks, as the NFL has geared up for free agency and the tail end of the 2016 NFL Draft process, Whaley and the Bills have endured some public criticism for how their team is structured. That was before they started cutting star players (Mario Williams) and re-working the contracts of others to simply be able to afford to keep some of their own key free agents (Cordy Glenn and, if it works out, Richie Incognito).

There's a lot going on, and a lot to take in, but Bills fans have had several years now to formulate an opinion on Whaley. You know the drill here: the poll is below, and the comments section is yours to debate the merits of Bills GM Doug Whaley. How do you think he's doing in his current job?