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2016 NFL Draft: possible trade partners for the Buffalo Bills

Following the recent trades by the Eagles and Rams, the Bills could be looking at new trade partners in Round 1

At the Buffalo Bills' annual pre-draft luncheon last week, general manager Doug Whaley stated that trading down was "highly more intriguing" than trading up in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. The thought of trading down is always appealing to many Bills fans, but perhaps especially this year, as this is considered a deep draft on the defensive side of the ball.

Earlier this month, we explored some trade possibilities that were centered around quarterback prospect Paxton Lynch, citing his availability as a key factor in the Bills' trade-down options. Since that article posted, two notable trades took place, changing many first-round projections: Cleveland and San Francisco were originally slated to draft Jared Goff and Carson Wentz with the second and seventh selections, which will no longer happen. These recent trades now make Cleveland and San Francisco potential suitors to trade up with Buffalo.

Here are a couple of scenarios to mull over:

BUF receives: Nos. 32, 65, 141
CLE receives: No. 19

Yes, I realize that Cleveland is in the business of adding more picks this year. But in this hypothetical situation, the Browns could look to trade in front of the Jets, Chiefs, Cardinals, and Broncos to ensure their shot at Lynch. While I do not love the idea of the Bills falling out of the first round, they could still select a defensive tackle with starting potential at the top of Round 2.

BUF receives: Nos. 37, 68, 105
SF receives: No. 19

Unlike Cleveland, San Francisco looks to be a bit more desperate when it comes to drafting a quarterback. With Philadelphia trading up to No. 2, the 49ers find themselves on the outside looking in on the top two quarterbacks. Lynch, or another quarterback prospect, is an unlikely pick with the No. 7 selection of the first round. By making a trade with the Bills, the 49ers would leapfrog the Jets, Chiefs, Cardinals, Broncos, Browns, and Cowboys.

With the first round just a few days away, Bills fans will find out soon enough if the team makes a draft day trade, or stays with their selection at No. 19.