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Poll: who is the greatest player in Buffalo Bills history (not named Bruce Smith)?

Which of the many great Buffalo Bills players do you consider their greatest of all-time? The only catch: you can't choose Bruce Smith.

The great Bruce Smith will have his jersey number retired during week two of the upcoming season, when the Buffalo Bills take on the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium. This sparked a pretty interesting discussion among the writers on this staff.

We all pretty much agreed, that Bruce is the greatest Bill of all time. He is arguably the best player ever at his position, definitely one of the best defensive players of all time, and one could argue that he's is one of the top five players that has ever played the game.

The question that we couldn't agree on, is who is the best Bills player of all time not named Bruce Smith? You could pretty much make an argument for and against any player, thus making the question rather interesting.

The Bills have a pretty rich history, with seven players in the Hall of Fame, and many other great players that have laced them up for the red, white, and royal blue, but who would you say is the best Bills player of all time not named Bruce? Are you going to look at who had the most accolades? Are you going to look purely at the play on the field? How about projecting a current young Bills player? Perhaps, a guy that played with the Bills but finished his career someone else. The options are endless. Let us hear your pick and why.

In case you were wondering who I chose; I chose O.J. Simpson.