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Boobie Dixon has started watching 'Breaking Bad'

NFL players only have down time for about half the year, and Bills running back Boobie Dixon has made a very, very wise decision on how to spend some of his free time this offseason.

Last night, Buffalo Bills running back Boobie Dixon began the greatest small-screen cinematic journey of his life - only he doesn't know it yet.

NFL players don't have a ton of free time during the season, which lasts at least six months for most players in the league, so we'll forgive Mr. Dixon for only just finding the time to begin watching the greatest show in the history of television: Breaking Bad. He did so on Sunday evening, and shared bits of his experience on his fantastic Twitter account.

It seems that it didn't take long for Dixon to sense the show's greatness - an impressive feat in and of itself, considering that the show didn't really hit peak greatness until Season 3. (Hang in there, Boobie - if you think it's good now, just wait until Season 3, Episode 7.)

Oh, Boobie. Hold that thought.

Last year, I had the pleasure of re-watching Breaking Bad with my then-girlfriend (now fiancée), who had watched the first two seasons but stopped early in Season 3. I lived vicariously through her reactions to all of the show's touchstone moments. Selfishly, I now hope that we're all able to do the same with Boobie Dixon, via Twitter. It seems that he's already having trouble stopping the Breaking Bad train.