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Leodis McKelvin injury: fractured ankle occurred on Thursday Night Football

A nightmarish five-day stretch for Leodis McKelvin took him from hero to goat, saw his ankle busted, and may bring a career year to a premature end.

Tom Szczerbowski

You know, for a while there, it looked like Leodis McKelvin was going to turn in another really solid season as a starting cornerback for the Buffalo Bills. In a half-season, he'd accumulated four interceptions - he'd had seven in his first six seasons combined, by the way - and been a stabilizing influence in an up-and-down secondary. Indeed, he was en route to a career year.

Then he had a key fumble in a loss to Kansas City, mouthed off about an impending beatdown of the Miami Dolphins, and then broke his ankle in a loss to those very same Dolphins last night. It would not be especially surprising if his season was over.

Again: that's a nightmarish five-day window in which McKelvin went from hero to goat, made a fool of himself, and then suffered a season-ending injury that may very well conclude a career year. Such is life when you play for the Buffalo Bills.

McKelvin has not officially been ruled out for the season yet, but he is obviously out indefinitely. Corey Graham will replace him in the starting lineup for next weekend's game against the New York Jets.