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Buffalo Bills en route to Detroit for Friday practice, Monday's Jets game

After a crazy week in the Buffalo region, snowmobiles swung by the homes of Bills players to round them up as the team prepares to travel to Detroit for Monday's game against the Jets.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

All 53 Buffalo Bills players and all members of the team's coaching staff have been rounded up, and the team is officially en route to Detroit for Monday evening's "home" game against the New York Jets.

In order to get everyone to team headquarters - the players and coaches hopped on buses to the Buffalo airport from there - the team sent people out on snowmobiles to pick players up at their homes. Alissa Chandler, wife of starting tight end Scott Chandler, shared photos of that occurring.

The Bills will hold their first practice of the week tonight at 7:15 p.m., in the practice facility where the Detroit Lions typically conduct their workouts. The Lions are holding a practice today as they prep for their Sunday showdown in New England, and the Bills will sweep in and take over the facility when they're done.