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Jim Kelly is MRSA-free, on the mend again

Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly has already beaten cancer twice, and now can add MRSA to the list.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Jim Kelly has been through so much and spent so much time in hospitals and recovering from various surgeries that he's lost 65 pounds. This Thanksgiving, he's really looking forward to his mother-in-law's Turkey Day cooking.

"I lost a lot of weight. I lost about 65 pounds. I'm down to below 200," said Kelly on The Rich Eisen Show on Tuesday.

Kelly has been on a feeding tube since his cancer treatment began this past March. First, the chemotherapy aimed at his sinus passages burned off the roof of his mouth, then biopsies taken to prove the cancer's eradication caused problems. To make matters worse, he was diagnosed with MRSA this October, but all those troubles are in the rear-view mirror.

"When they were checking all my biopsies, they were taken a few months ago, they're all pretty much healed up," said Kelly. "My MRSA is now gone - thank the good Lord for that - and also when Monday rolls around I'm going to have my feeding tube taken out. So, they've already given me the okay to go start eating Thanksgiving turkey and stuffing and all that. So, I'm doing a lot better."

It's always good to get positive news from the Hall of Famer. Let's hope these positive vibes sustain through the holidays and beyond. The entire interview is embedded below.