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Buffalo Bills expect remaining four home games to sell out

The Buffalo Bills, who typically have trouble selling tickets to cold-weather games, are expecting to sell out all eight of their home games in 2014, according to team president Russ Brandon.

Tom Szczerbowski

The Buffalo Bills have four more games to play at Ralph Wilson Stadium this season, and from the way team president Russ Brandon was talking about things in a radio appearance on WGR 550 on Wednesday, Bills fans won't need to worry about having a game blacked out this season.

None of the three games mentioned above - this weekend against the Kansas City Chiefs, November 23 against the New York Jets, and November 30 against the Cleveland Browns - have officially been declared sellouts. But clearly, the team is expecting that - and a December home finale against the Green Bay Packers likely won't have problems selling out, either.

The fact that the Bills are 5-3 and in the hunt for an AFC playoff spot certainly helps on the ticket sales front.