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Buffalo Bills' Terry Pegula: "There's going to be a new stadium"

It probably won't happen for a long time, but the Pegulas are being forthright in stating that the Buffalo Bills will eventually be playing football in a new stadium of their design and build.

Brett Carlsen

Buffalo Bills owners Terry and Kim Pegula aren't really mincing their words when it comes to their plans for building a new stadium: it's going to happen at some point.

"Well, there's going to be a new stadium somewhere, that's all I know," Terry Pegula told John Wawrow of the Associated Press on Wednesday. "The league was pretty emphatic that Buffalo, we're a small market, needs to be as competitive as we can."

Pegula alluded to the idea that a new stadium would be forthcoming during his introductory press conference back in October, but team president Russ Brandon toed the company line in saying that the New Stadium Working Group would continue to explore that possibility - and the Pegulas are now mentioning that, as well. The Pegulas will be joining that working group.

"We know it's out there. We understand it. We realize it. But we want to make sure because you only get to build a stadium once," Kim Pegula told Wawrow. "We want to make sure that when the time comes, that we have done our homework."

The lease at Ralph Wilson Stadium does not expire until after the 2020 season, and with $130 million in renovations going into that facility just this past offseason, it's not likely that we'll be watching Bills games in a new venue for quite some time. But the Pegulas are being very clear about that eventuality.