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2015 NFL Draft order: Buffalo Bills' top pick is No. 50 overall

Thanks to a draft-day trade for Sammy Watkins last spring, the Buffalo Bills won't be picking until No. 50 overall when the 2015 NFL Draft's second round begins this coming May.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

After a stretch run to the 2014 season that was mercifully devoid of the "hey, the Buffalo Bills should lose to better their draft pick!" argument, we now know when the Bills will be picking during next spring's 2015 NFL Draft.

The team does not, of course, have a first-round pick, having flipped it to the Cleveland Browns last May for the right to move up to No. 4 overall and select wide receiver Sammy Watkins (who just finished his rookie season with 65 receptions, 982 yards, and six touchdowns). Had they retained that pick, they would have picked No. 19 overall, fourth among four teams finishing 9-7 thanks to the most difficult strength of schedule among the quartet.

In the second round, the Bills will slide up one place among that group of 9-7 teams. That means that instead of picking No. 19 in that round, they'll move up to No. 18, which makes their top pick in 2015, barring any trades up, the No. 50 overall selection. The last time the Bills used the No. 50 overall pick? In 1981, when they selected Auburn wide receiver Byron Franklin.