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Bills in Toronto Series: postponed for 2014 season

The Bills in Toronto Series is not yet dead, but the team is saying it's postponed. The Bills won't play in Toronto in 2014, and the organization and Rogers Communications will continue to evaluate the series.


The Buffalo Bills announced on Wednesday morning that the team's Toronto Series has been postponed. Team president Russ Brandon released the following statement via Twitter:

That sponsorship that Brandon refers to will include the creation of a Canada House, located near Ralph Wilson Stadium, that will "serve as the official pre-game Canadian tailgate zone" for games in Orchard Park. Ticket and merchandise deals are also mentioned, as well as media exposure.

Brandon made an appearance on the team's flagship radio station, WGR 550, on Wednesday morning to address the announcement as well. Calling the 2013 season a "setback" for the series and "more of a neutral site game" than in previous seasons, Brandon repeated several talking points from his initial announcement that the series would be reviewed back in December.

"We're going to go into a full evaluation for everything regarding the initiative," Brandon told WGR's Jeremy White. "After a lengthy review, we'll see where it takes us from there."

Asked whether or not the postponement could be the first step towards a cancellation of the series, Brandon said that the postponement will be used as an opportunity to more carefully scrutinize the series.

"I think it's the first step in really going into a complete evaluation," Brandon told Chris Parker. "We've gone through sort of a high-level evaluation, but we're going to really stress it and evaluate every aspect of it."

While the series is currently only on hiatus, it's a significant step for the organization after finalizing a five-year extension to the series just last year. Brandon's diplomacy was unsurprising, but let's not forget that Tim Graham of The Buffalo News has a source telling him that Brandon would allow the series to continue "over his dead body." Then again, there's also this to consider:

The announcement comes at the same time of year that season ticket renewals are typically collected. It's expected that the team will begin mailing renewal notices out to season ticket holders in the very near future.