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Donald Trump confirms interest in buying the Buffalo Bills

Worth a reported $3.9 billion (or perhaps a whole lot more), Trump also confirmed that if he lands the Bills, he'll keep them in Buffalo.

Al Bello

As speculation continues to build that the Buffalo Bills will be sold quickly, only one party has publicly acknowledged his interest in pursuing the club: Donald Trump. If you had any lingering doubts about Trump's interest in the Bills, his chat with Tim Graham of The Buffalo News on Monday should quell those fairly quickly.

"I'm going to give it a heavy shot," Trump told Graham yesterday. "I would love to do it, and if I can do it I'm keeping it in Buffalo."

There are other players that have been linked to the Bills' sale via media reports - Trump, the Jacobs family, Terry Pegula and a Toronto group with Jon Bon Jovi as the figurehead most prominently - but only Trump has publicly confirmed his intent to participate in the bidding.

In his brief interview with Graham, Trump also discussed his casino holdings and how those might affect his ability to purchase the Bills ("It's a public company, and I could sell instantaneously," Trump said), as well as whether or not there were any lingering side effects from Trump's massive antitrust suit against the NFL during the final days of the USFL ("I think the NFL owners respected me for it because I took a dead league and made it hot"). If you haven't read the full article yet, now is the time.

Meanwhile, Sen. Charles Schumer confirmed on Monday the notion that there is a "desire to move relatively quickly" in selling the Bills, adding that the team, the league and those interested in keeping the Bills in Buffalo are still working to sort out who is and is not interested in purchasing the team.