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Jim Kelly planning Easter weekend off from cancer treatment

If things go according to plan, Jim Kelly will be taking Easter weekend off from his cancer treatments. The Associated Press has the update.


Jim Kelly will take time off from his cancer treatment in New York City to spend Easter weekend with family and friends at home in Buffalo, reports The Associated Press.

Dan Kelly, Jim's brother, told the AP that Jim is scheduled to return to Buffalo on Friday, returning to Lenox Hill Hospital on Sunday to resume radiation treatment for his sinus cancer.

Kelly completed his first round of chemotherapy on April 8, and is scheduled for two more sessions, according to the report. Dan Kelly told the AP that Jim hit a rough stretch following that first chemo session, with pain levels ratcheting up as treatments focused on cells attached to nerves in his maxillary sinus - but that he has also been doing better over the last couple of days. Kelly is also undergoing radiation treatments five days per week.

Here's to hoping that Kelly's weekend away is a relaxing and restorative one before his next wave of treatments begins.

Update: It doesn't look like Kelly will be returning to Buffalo this weekend, after all.