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Jim Kelly to pursue Buffalo Bills ownership despite cancer recurrence

One of the most popular men in Buffalo is throwing his hat in the potential ownership ring despite a recurrence of cancer.


When Jim Kelly was diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer this March, many Buffalo Bills fans were praying for a speedy and full recovery. When team owner Ralph Wilson passed away later that same month, they started wringing their hands over Kelly's ability to put together his long-discussed group to purchase the Bills and keep them in Buffalo. We have finally heard from someone close to the Hall of Famer that says he will indeed be involved.

"Jim will be an active participant in it moving forward," Dan Kelly, Jim's brother and vice president of Jim Kelly Inc., told the Associated Press. Kelly will begin fielding offers to join prospective ownership groups while he continues his cancer treatments at Erie County Medical Center.

Ten ownership groups have expressed some level of interest, per Erie County deputy executive Richard Tobe, who spoke with John Wawrow of the AP. Donald Trump's name still leads the list as the most publicly active and interested candidate, but others like Jon Bon Jovi and the family of Jeremy Jacobs are in the mix, as well.

On a much lighter note, Kelly returned to Buffalo this afternoon to spend Easter in his adopted hometown. According to Dan Kelly, Jim has had a rough week, but wanted the pick-me-up of returning to Western New York.