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Doug Marrone announces he's had cancerous mole removed

Bills head coach Doug Marrone announced on Tuesday evening that he recently had a cancerous mole removed from his skin.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday evening, Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone announced through the team that he recently had a procedure performed to remove a cancerous mole from his skin.

"During a recent doctor's visit, it was discovered that I had a cancerous mole on my skin, which has since been removed," the statement reads. "The only follow up required is to have my moles checked every three months and that basically is the end of the story. The recent extraction procedure will have no effect on my ability to coach the team moving forward."

The announcement brought forth a sense of relief regarding Marrone's condition after prematurely published (and then hastily removed) a post that indicated Marrone had "BLANK TYPE OF CANCER"; it appeared to be a pre-written post for the announcement, accidentally published, that was supposed be filled in with correct information at a moment's notice and posted quickly.

Several media outlets, from local authorities in Buffalo and surrounding areas to popular sites like Deadspin and Awful Announcing, picked up on the prematurely published article before Marrone's press release was made public late last evening. As a result, the story ended up being bigger and more nerve-wracking than it probably needed to be; we're just glad to know that Coach Marrone is going to be okay.