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Buffalo Bills reveal variable ticket pricing details for 2014

If you're planning on buying tickets to any one Bills game this fall, here's what you need to know on pricing and availability.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills announced on Tuesday the details of their new variable ticket pricing model, which assigns different prices to different games based on the perceived demand for those contests.

Games were split into three tiers: gold (the most expensive, most in-demand games), silver, and bronze (the least in-demand contests). Full details on ticket prices can be found at the link above based on where seats are located in the system; what you see below is the price range for tickets in each tier. (Here is the Bills' full schedule, if you missed it.)

Gold ($68-$130)
Silver ($58-$112)
Bronze ($48-$99)

Preseason ticket prices do not appear to be affected by the model, as those ticket prices remain in the $44-$90 range.

Group tickets will go on sale on June 20, with individual game tickets following a week later on June 27 at 9AM ET.