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Marcell Dareus applies for pre-trial intervention, per report

If Dareus is admitted into, and then successfully completes, the pre-trial intervention program, the felony drug charges he faces will likely be dismissed.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Mike Rodak reported on Tuesday that Buffalo Bills defensive lineman Marcell Dareus has applied for a pre-trial intervention program in a case connected to his early May arrest for felony drug and paraphernalia possession.

If admitted - and per the report, it could take up to six months for Dareus to hear back from the state of Alabama on that front - Dareus would attend drug counseling sessions. Upon completion, his case would likely be dismissed. This is highly similar to the situation that wide receiver Mike Williams finds himself in with a pre-trial diversion program aimed at dismissing misdemeanor trespassing and criminal mischief charges.

Dareus could also be denied entry into the program, in which case the next step would be a trial and possible jail time. Per Rodak's report, Dareus' attorney, George R. Giddens, is confident that even if that were to happen, Dareus could avoid jail time based on his having no prior criminal history.

The NFL could still step in and discipline Dareus, but that decision likely won't be made until the legal process has played out. Meanwhile, Dareus is also facing three more misdemeanor charges, including reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.