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Buffalo Bills sale: Jon Bon Jovi to meet with trust this week

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Jon Bon Jovi and his Toronto-based backing will be meeting with the trust controlling the Buffalo Bills this week regarding the sale of the team.

Tim Whitby

If you were holding out hope that Jon Bon Jovi would find himself out of the running to buy the Buffalo Bills, prepare to be let down. (Again.)

John Kryk of the Toronto Sun reports that the Bon Jovi-led Toronto group pursuing the Bills has been admitted into the finalist round for the team. This comes after the group was, per Kryk, twice asked to re-submit their initial non-binding bid, both to make the financial aspect of it more competitive, and more interestingly, to provide better assurances about the team's long-term outlook in Western New York.

This isn't a surprising development. Morgan Stanley, the bank that has been running the sale from the start, is at a point where they need as many finalist bidders as possible to yield the best sale price for the team. Donald Trump, who at no point has been taken very seriously in his overly-public quest for the team, has already met with the trust in this "finalist" (as Kryk puts it) round. Last week, Tim Graham of The Buffalo News reported that as many as eight groups would meet with the trust.

It was actually Graham, last week, that first reported that the Bon Jovi group is scheduled to meet with the trust this week in New York City. Kryk's report is something of a formality in re-confirming that.