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Bon Jovi, Toronto group bidding on Buffalo Bills split ways, per report

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The rocker and his Toronto-based friends have fallen apart.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Jon Bon Jovi will probably always be a hated man in Buffalo after the past few months but according to a report from the NY Post, he has runaway from the Toronto group he helped lead in the charge to buy the Bills.

Citing sources, the Post says it's about money: Bon Jovi simply didn't have enough to be the lead bidder and so the folks with deeper pockets booted him in order to make a bid more competitive with Terry Pegula. With Bon Jovi, they could only offer about $1.1 billion on the high end but without him could go much higher.

The man covering the group in Toronto, John Kryk, highly doubts the legitimacy of the report saying, "It would be no surprise if Bon Jovi has quit the group." He doubts the other two principals - Larry Tanenbaum, chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, which controls the NHL's Maple Leafs and NBA's Raptors, and Edward Rogers, chairman of Rogers Communications - would part ways with the singer since he has been the point man on all the group's decisions from the get-go. (That sentiment was echoed on this side of the border by John Wawrow.)

Pressure has been mounting on the group for weeks and now it finally seems to have mounted to the point where they are no longer even guaranteed of making a final, binding bid. Those are due this coming week.