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Bills sale: are Jon Bon Jovi, Donald trump in violation of NDA?

Two of three Bills bidders have discussed their pursuit of the team publicly, and it's possible that both of them are in violation of the team's non-disclosure agreement.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Trump has been keeping the public up to date on his pursuit of Buffalo Bills ownership every step of the way. On Sunday morning, Jon Bon Jovi finally opened up about his group's pursuit of the team, as well, with an open letter to Bills fans. Tim Graham of The Buffalo News reports that both may have violated the team's non-disclosure agreement in doing so.

Graham's report, based on actual language from the NDA, states that Bon Jovi and Trump might have violated it by publicly declaring their interest in the team (that they would "consider the transaction," specifically). The report does go on to say, however, that there is no language discussing ramifications for a violation, and claims that the two bidders would not be out of the running for the team if they were to be found in violation of the agreement.

Still, it's worth noting that the utterly silent Terry Pegula has likely distanced himself from the competition by maintaining said silence. (The same might be true of Tom Golisano, if he gets around to submitting a bid, considering that his public declaration of interest came before the NDAs were circulated. Graham mentioned that yesterday, as well.) Even if candidates were allowed to discuss their intentions, Pegula's best play right now would be to stay silent as his competition scrambles to make up ground.

Another interesting wrinkle to the highly restrictive NDA is that its language might prevent people like Jim Kelly from associating themselves with specific bid groups to drum up public support. Make sure you've read the entire article if you haven't yet for that explanation.