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Buffalo Bills sale news: Jim Kelly enters the race

As news on the sale of the Bills starts to pick up significant steam, Jim Kelly is back in the race - and he has aligned himself with one of the candidates, per Tim Graham.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier on Thursday morning, Tim Graham of The Buffalo News reported that a mystery bidder is meeting with the trust running the Buffalo Bills about their interest in the team. He has since updated that report to include this interesting fact: the person in that meeting, whoever he may be, has apparently garnered the support of one Jim Kelly.

Graham is also taking a stab at who Kelly may be aligned with.

That's an idea that Graham had previously floated as far back as July 9, when Gundlach's name first resurfaced as a possible ownership candidate. Though Gundlach is currently working out of Los Angeles, he is also a Western New York native, and has stated as far back as 2011 that he'd keep the Bills in Buffalo. Clearly, if Kelly is aligning with him, he'd have more than just solid assurances on that matter.

Update: 24 hours after his initial report, Graham published an update that not only confirmed the Kelly-Gundlach partnership, but also disclosed that the duo is not seeking full ownership, but a minority share with a bigger group.